Potential With Mindset And Life Mastery Essentials
The Optimize Your Mind Course is the only program where you get to learn directly from a 2 time WSOP Bracelet Winner and his Performance Coaching professionals. Get access as they discuss the strategies and techniques that Chance himself has implemented to win at the highest levels.

In this 10-video course, you will be able to gain confidence and control before entering a session, expand your awareness, and stay poised and focused in even the highest pressure situations.

This course includes access to the following game changing strategies to help you get more wins on and off the felt.

 Igniting Your Potential

Unleash the powerful champion inside of you and be able to activate that to elevate your game to the highest levels. Go beyond what you think is possible.

 Harnessing The Power Of Focus

Bring your passion for performance into laser-like focus and channeling it to get optimal results consistently.

 Mental and Emotional Self-Mastery

Gain control over how you think, feel, and act so that you can win on and off the felt.

 Finding Balance In Life and Poker

Creating synergy in your life by identifying the areas you neglect, and designing a way to elevate them.

 Overcoming Perfectionism

Vanquish the #1 obstacle to performance by separating fact from fiction and creating a custom fit growth plan to build your A-Self.

 Conquering Tilt

Master the strategy of interrupting the destructive thoughts, feelings, and actions that cause suboptimal play so you can dominate the field.

 High-Performance Habits

Equip yourself with proven habits that will empower you to construct a successful routine that will last a lifetime.

 Staying In The Zone

Learn how to access the ultimate performance state of mind where decisions are easy, actions are precise, focus is unwavering, and distractions are eliminated.

 Tools To Optimize Performance

Weaponize your new arsenal of mindset tools to boost your edge and crush the competition.

 Getting Real With Yourself

Watch as it all comes together and you’ll be able to buy into becoming your A-Self and Optimizing Your Mind.

Sneak Peek:

Sneak Peek:


Daniel Negreanu
#1 All-Time Live Poker Earnings
“Chance combines a deep technical understanding of the game with an incredible ability to read his opponents both based on their tendencies and body language. I enjoy having him at my table for the banter, but he is tough to play against.”

Shaun Deeb
Two-Time WSOP Bracelet Winner
“Chance is the one guy who thinks of more creative spots than I do, and one of the few guys I try to consistently talk strategy with. To my students, I always recommend they hire Chance for his expertise in live NL MTT’s.”

Anthony Zinno
WSOP Bracelet Winner and Three-Time WPT Champion
“I’ve played 100’s of hours in high-stakes tourneys with Chance. His ability to see subtle details in a hand is what separates him from other players. Each time we discuss hands together I’m able to come away with a new breakthrough for approaching tough spots.”

Jesse Sylvia
WSOP Main Event Runner-Up, WPT Borgata Champion
“I have been lucky enough to have had many poker conversations with Chance, and I am continuously impressed by the fact that I never leave one without learning something. It is a testament to his insane work ethic: Chance is constantly thinking about spots, analyzing them, coming up with unique lines, and, most importantly by far, trying them in real settings at the highest stakes. He pushes the envelope constantly, unafraid of coming out the other side occasionally looking foolish, knowing that the benefits far outweigh the costs. In my life I’ve met two people in poker who relentlessly push the line in this way: Chance and Vanessa Selbst, and I doubt it is coincidence that both have been disgustingly successful at the highest stakes of the live tournament world.”
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